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JWL Renew Vow

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Want to future-proof your purchase?

Why not add our JWL Renew Vow where for only £19.00 per necklace, we offer a 12-month replacement guarantee - no questions asked!

What is the Renew Vow?

When purchased as an add-on, the JWL Renew Vow covers the replacement of an item purchased directly from Jewellery With Love for any damage or wear and tear over a 24-month period. If there is damage to your item, simply send it back to us and we will replace it!

How do I purchase the Renew Vow?

When you reach the checkout, you will be offered the chance to purchase the Renew Vow for your item/s. If you decline to buy at the time of purchase, you will have up to fourteen (14) days to purchase the Renew Vow for your item.

How is the Renew Vow different from a warranty?

A warranty usually covers a set period of time whereby the seller offers a guarantee to solve any manufacturing defects but does not cover accidental damage or wear and tear.
The JWL Renew Vow offers a replacement for any damage to the piece over a two (2) year period. We don’t vow to repair, we vow to replace!

What’s the fine print?

The JWL Renew Vow must be assigned to one piece and will only cover this one item (for example, if purchasing earrings and a necklace, two Renew Vows must be purchased). 

We vow to replace any item with the same piece, however in the unlikely event that an original item is later discontinued, we will come to an agreement with the customer to replace the item with something of the same value.

You can only claim one (1) replacement over the course of the 24-month period.

How do I claim my replacement?

Please contact Jewellery With Love and quote your Renew Vow number. We will provide instructions for posting back your original piece to us and, once received, we will then issue a replacement to your nominated address.

UK delivery in 2-3 Business days.

Ireland Delivery in 5 Business days

Australia, New Zealand and Canada Delivery in 10 Business days

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